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COMEN S8 Defibrillator

COMEN S8 Defibrillator


4 in 1 Design

Provide a full range of functions to meet various life support needs

With Defibrillation, Pacing, Monitoring and AED mode, S8 is not only suitable for pre- hospital first aid, but also applicable in in- hospital usage.


Mode can be switched among manual defibrillation, pacing and AED. In manual defibrillation, the user can complete the energy selection within 1 second

Defibrillating operation can be completed on a pair of electrode paddles. Pediatric paddles built in adult paddles.


Defibrillator charge to 200J and shock in 3 seconds, rescue time is guaranteed fully.

Fulfill defibrillating operation (Energy selection – Charging – Discharging).


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