COMEN H3 3-Channel Electrocardiograph
  • COMEN H3 3-Channel Electrocardiograph

    Display: 6.2〞LCD touch screen (resolution:600×480) 3×4 and 6×2 display format, 12- lead waveforms display simultaneously; Intelligent brightness sensor for automatic screen brightness adjust

    Recording and Data printing

    80mm×20m Roll paper or Z- fold paper Built- in thermal printer / Optional: external printer
    Recording format:

    Built- in printer:3×4、3×4+1R
    External printer:3×4、3×4+1R、3×4+3R、6×2、

    10,000 ECG built- in records with binary image format

    Recording Mode
    a) Default Print: in automatic mode, ECG waveform is printed.
    b) One- key manual print: By pressing “print” again, rhythm- lead report is printed manually after the default full information report;
    c) Extendable print: In case arrhythmia occurs, rhythm- lead report is automatically printed after the default full information report.

    Connectable with FTP server for patient data remote-control Connectable with PC- based ECG management software Unlimited USB data transfer