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Comen Anesthesia Machine AX-500
  • Comen Anesthesia Machine AX-500

    Clear and Intuitive User Interface

    Large touch control screen design
    The setting and measured value of ventilation displayed on the same screen helps make the management of gas delivery more safe and effective Comprehensive monitoring, multi-selectable displays, e.g. 4 waveforms, anesthesia gas monitoring and big font display
    2000 event records of settings, technical and physiologic alarm
    Intelligent alarm manageme

    Precise and Reliable Ventilator

    Minimum tidal volume down to 5ml
    Digital flow valve and precise dual flow sensing technology, more accurate control, faster response
    SIMV/ SIMV + PS help simplify the work of caring for spontaneous breathing patients when weaning
    Advanced PSV Ventilation (with apnea backup) make patients with spontaneous breathing more comfortable
    PRVC mode, gives you the best of both worlds: the benefits of pressure controlled ventilation and
    a consistent tidal volume. More suitable for laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and patients with lung compliance changes Automatic compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes, and ensure that what you set is what you get Comprehensive respiratory mechanical parameters monitor, real-time waveforms display, optimizing clinical decision Electronic PEEP functi