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C80 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

C80 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Product Description

C80 ICU/CCU/OR Monitor

C80 is the new generation of intensive care patient monitor designed & developed by COMEN. It's especially designed for ICU/ CCU/ 
Operation room and trauma care. C80 is equipped with 12.1"LED touch screen, handwriting pen, SD card port, USB port, convenient 
handle, multiple mounting solutions, IPX1 level waterproof cabinet design & sturdy housing to withstand rough handling. C80 fulfills 
the hardware requirements for intensive care monitoring in multiple environments, efficiently caring for human life every second.



-12/15"  Color Touch Screen, IPXI Waterproof                                        
-Standard configuration:  12-lead ECG,  Digital SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, RESP, PR, Reserved EtCO2, Lithium Battery; -Option:  Nellcor SpO2, Masimo SpO2,2-IBP,  EtCO2, ICG (CO), Multi-gas, Printer                                                       

Feature: Sturdy Structure & Superior Measurement Accuracy for ICU/CCU/OR

Let data speak for us 
Over 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis and alarm event review, hypoxemia report recording, aiding doctor in better diagnosis;
Review and print 200 alarm events of arrhythmia and 2,000 groups of NIBP data; 120hrs trend graph review.

IPX1 water-proof 
With IPX1 waterproof level, C80 can meet the hardware requirement in multiple intensive care environment, caring for life in every second.

AAcuTecTM NIBP technology, high accuracy for hypertension monitoring.

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