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​Who We Are

Philmed Dynasty Supplies Corp. was established in 2018, a rapidly growing distributor and supplier of medical equipment, healthcare supplies, and consumables for hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. We take pride in our excellent portfolio of top-quality, safe, and reliable healthcare and medical supplies.

As a newly-established healthcare and medical supplies distributor, we are supported by a team of top medical practitioners and doctors across the country who serve as our consultants, advertisers, and brand ambassadors. As their trusted partners, we aim to provide the best quality and the most cost-effective solutions for their various healthcare and medical needs.


Our Features

On-Site Customer Service

Unbeatable Quality

Reasonable Price

Cost Containment

First-Rate Materials


Driven by Success


Philmed Dynasty is a medical distribution company dedicated to providing practical and top-quality medical products that suit the customers’ needs. We exist to fulfill our primary mission of helping improve the quality of people’s lives. We believe that our role as a distributor of high-quality medical supplies and equipment goes beyond merely providing products that address various medical and healthcare needs.

Above all, we consider ourselves as your reliable partner and trustworthy ally in fulfilling the greater goal of achieving full recovery and promoting optimal health for all people. By providing a wide array of safe and reliable healthcare and medical products that are efficiently delivered and made available at the right price, we vow to create the best value for our customers and contribute to better healthcare services in the country.


We, at  Philmed  Dynasty, aim to rise as a true market leader in the distribution of top-quality, effective, and affordable medical supplies and hospital equipment within the next decade. Our main business goal is to be recognized as one of the strongest players in the medical supply distribution sector and emerge as a top distribution partner of various hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions in the Philippines.

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